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Colorado Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance helps protect you and your family in the event of an auto-related claim. Purchasing the appropriate coverage requires some consideration. Working with a Trusted Choice Independent Agency like the 1st American Insurance Agency can help you compare the options available for your needs to find an appropriate policy for your vehicle.  At 1st American Insurance Agency, we use the latest software to obtain comparison from many top carriers within minutes.  Our team makes it easy for you to find the best combination of coverage at the most competitive price.  Saving new clients $500-$1,000 annually is not uncommon.

Liability and Basic Coverage

In the State of Colorado, a driver must have liability protection in case an accident occurs. Depending on the details of your policy, the amount of liability protection that you may have available can vary. Every insurer will offer the state minimum requirements, as well as alternative solutions, based on your concerns and additional protection that you want to add.  Doug, Joey, Kelli, Steve, Brooke, Torin and Hunt are here to guide you through the options needed to help you select the coverage that best fits your needs and you budget.

Compare the Policy Options

We will help you identify the coverage requirements you need to feel comfortable in your vehicle and will compare quotes to find the best package options that are available for your needs. Before selecting any carrier, take your time to read the details of the policy being offered.  Every carrier has different features, price ranges and options, so it is important to consider every detail of the quote before making a final decision about the auto protection plan.

While it might seem difficult to find the best policy for your vehicle and situation, our comparison tools can make it easier to find the right carrier for you.
1st American Insurance Agency can help you feel confident that the insurance you have purchased is appropriate for your car.