Motorcycle Insurance: Required? No. Necessary? Absolutely.

The required levels of motorcycle insurance in the state of Colorado are rudimentary at best. And while there may not be a legal requirement to carry more than the low level of coverage that is required, it is a good an smart idea. The team at 1st American Insurance Agency is well-versed in both the requirements for motorcycle insurance and the recommended levels that are necessary for adequate protection. 

We advise our clients in the greater Longmont, CO area to consider all legal minimum insurance requirements as a guideline, rather than the final word on the appropriate level of insurance in every case. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage can help to minimize the financial impact of liability and damages caused by an accident that causes loss of or damage to vehicles as well as physical injuries that require medical attention. We can also help with uninsured rider coverage.

Legal requirements for insurance can provide adequate protection in some instances but not all. If you are considering the purchase of a motorcycle, let us review all of your insurance options with you prior to your purchase. We are also here to help riders who have insurance coverage but would like a comprehensive review of their current policy. Insurance is a useful tool to keep your assets and financial bottom line protected in the event that you are involved in an accident.

If you are thinking about getting a motorcycle and would like to learn more about the insurance policies that are available, or if you would like the team at 1st American Insurance Agency to review your current policy, please give us a call or stop by! We are here to provide the necessary insurance coverage for our friends and neighbors in the greater Longmont, CO area. 

What Commercial Insurance Options Are Best for My Business?

Commercial insurance is an essential element of your business. It provides your Longmont, CO business with a means to address those risks that are always present and threaten to cause financial harm. 1st American Insurance Agency understands the importance of providing you with the options necessary to properly insure your business and protect your most important assets.

Your business property needs to be protected, including your physical location, inventory, any vehicles used by the business, or any potential liability you may incur should one of your employees become ill, or a customer slips and falls on your premises. The State of Colorado provides useful information for small businesses on the type of commercial insurance you should consider for your Longmont, CO business. Agents working with 1st American Insurance Agency can sit down with you and help you assess which important commercial insurance coverages are needed.

There are many different types of commercial insurance appropriate for your business. The most important coverages that you should consider depends on the type of business you operate and the relative risks to your business. For example, if you are engaged in a profession like accounting or medicine, malpractice insurance is something you must strongly consider to protect against the risk of being sued. Workers’ compensation is another type of commercial insurance you would carry as a business for employee injury or illness that occur on the job.

Agents located in Longmont, CO working with 1st American Insurance Agency can provide you with the commercial insurance options for your business. Allow 1st American Insurance Agency to provide a review of the coverages you have in place for your business and make recommendations to upgrade, replace, or purchase new commercial insurance. A review allows you to protect your customers, your employees, and most important you.

What Coverage Should Your Longmont, CO Home Insurance Policy Provide?

1st American Insurance Agency is proud to serve the people of the greater Longmont, CO area and help them to meet their auto and home insurance needs. When it comes to protecting your family’s house and belongings it is important that your policy is comprehensive and does not leave any gaps that can cause you to have to pay for damages yourself. Below are some of the main coverage areas that should be included with your policy. Our agents are here to help you get the protection that you need!

  • Theft – do not let a burglary cause you unnecessary expense on top of the high amount of stress that a break-in can cause. Many policies will also provide coverage for some items that are stolen outside of your house, such as bicycles and other movable items.
  • Water damage can include interior damage caused by a leaky roof or an event that is due to a plumbing mishap. Be careful that your policy provides comprehensive coverage for secondary damage that may not be included in a base-level policy.
  • Weather-Related Damage such as wind and lightning that uproots trees that cause damage your house or other property. This can also provide reimbursement for costs associated with clean-up from weather events. Be sure that hail damage is also included in your coverage!

1st American Insurance Agency is proud to serve our friends and neighbors in the greater Longmont, CO area. If you are in need of a comprehensive home policy or would like some help reviewing your current auto or home policy, we are happy to help! Please give us a call or stop by our office today to learn more about the different protection options that are available with your house insurance policy.

The 3 Things You Need to Do in a Fender Bender

Did you just get your driver’s license? Congratulations. As a newly minted driver in Longmont, CO there are a few things you need to know and do, like making sure you have the required auto insurance from your friends at 1st American Insurance Agency.  You also need to be able to take care of yourself when you get into a fender bender.

Stop, Review the Situation, and Call for Help

First, after the impact, pull over and stop.  Make sure you are out of the path of traffic if at all possible. Even if you just nudged the other guy and there isn’t even a scratch, make sure that you and the other party aren’t injured. If you see any kind of damage to the vehicles, call the police.

Use Your Camera

The old standard was to exchange information by writing down the other driver’s name, license number, insurance, etc.  Now your smartphone is your friend. Use your camera to snap a pic of the other driver, their driver’s license, the license plate, their insurance card and then start on the scene. Record damage to all the vehicles or any property.  If possible, take a shot of the intersection, street signs, and traffic lights.

File the Report and Call Your Insurance Agent

Cooperate with the officer at the scene and make sure that a police report is filed.  If no officer responded, head straight to the police department and file one yourself. Once you are confident everybody is on their way home, give your agent at 1st American Insurance Agency a call and file a claim. If somebody reports an injury on the next day, it will be easier to process their claim against your insurance.

Remember, your Longmont, CO insurance agent is there to help you work your way through such an accident with as little inconvenience as possible.


3 Amazing Facts About Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is usually an essential extra type of liability insurance which you can use to insure your automobiles, home, and business in Longmont, CO,. 1st American Insurance Agency umbrella cover will cater for the extra liability claims that may arise in case you incur a liability claim that exceeds your normal liability policy. 

Without umbrella coverage in Longmont, CO, you risk losing everything that you have worked hard to gain including your assets and your retirement savings. Examples of specific circumstances covered by umbrella coverage include lawsuits, property damage, and personal injury. Below are three incredible facts about umbrella insurance cover that you need to know.

Umbrella Insurance Protects You Against Liability Risks

Risks will always be around you no matter the kind of life you’re living. Your puppy can bite your guest, or your neighbor’s child can drown in your swimming pool. If such occurrences happen, the liability claim of the victim can exceed your standard policy’s limit calling for extra coverage. This is where the umbrella insurance comes in and protects you against such catastrophic scenarios.

Without Umbrella Insurance, You Can Lose Everything

Think about this scenario; you get involved in a car accident, and the other driver is severely injured which results in a lawsuit. The injured driver wins the case, and the court awards a compensation totaling to about $500,000. Unfortunately, your auto insurance policy can only pay a maximum limit of $300,000. Where do you get the extra $200,000 if you don’t have an umbrella cover? It will mean you sell some of your valuable assets to raise the extra amount of money.

It is Cheap

Most insurance companies charge an average amount of $250 a year for an umbrella policy which covers millions of dollars in excess liability each year. As such, you are adequately covered at a low cost.

Are you looking for the umbrella insurance cover? Contact 1st American Insurance Agency today for your policy.



Getting Ready for a Trip? Get RV Insurance

If you’re going on an RV trip, you obviously want to pack essentials and inspect the RV. However, you may be overlooking one essential that could end up ruining your trip–insurance. Insurance from 1st American Insurance Agency, serving Longmont, CO and the surrounding area, protects you in the event you get pulled over, and it can prevent your trip from getting ruined as a result of a minor fender bender.

1. Inspect Your RV

Make sure you look over every area of your RV including under the hood. Make sure the engine sounds normal when you rev it and that your tires are holding area properly, just to name a few aspects to check. Always pack jumper cables, a jack and a spare tire.

2. Learn About Your Electrical Load

Always make sure you know how much electric you can run in your RV. You may want to label the amps that each one of your appliances draws to help you develop an understanding of what you can run at one time and how much is too much.

3. Pack Extra Essentials

Pack a box that has essentials in it in case you should happen to get stranded somewhere without a way to get to the store. Always have spare water, food and toilet paper. If it’s cold outside, always have an extra jacket and a blanket. Just in case you should happen to get stranded away from an electrical supply, always have spare flashlights. Make sure you charge your phone every time you have electric going to your RV.

4. Get Insurance

If you don’t already have a recreational vehicle insurance policy, make sure you get one before heading out onto the road. You don’t want to take any risks.

Contact 1st American Insurance Agency, serving Longmont, CO and the surrounding area, by calling 303-996-5096 today to get a policy.

Can I get insurance to cover my business if we have an emergency and the business is closed?

Your business is your most important investment, and your livelihood is tied up in it. You plan to work hard and make a profit so you can support yourself and your family, and you make plans to take care of any problems.

However, sometimes there are problems which are completely beyond your control, that could force your business to be closed. Closing for a few minutes or hours can have in impact on your customers, but some emergencies such as a fire or natural disaster could cause your business to be closed for a much longer time.

You will still be paying for all your normal expenses, unless you can get a break. That means you are paying rent or mortgage, utilities, and even salaries while your business is closed and you aren’t earning money. What can you do to protect yourself?

If you have a business in Longmont, CO, you can talk to the agents at 1st American Insurance Agency about getting a policy to cover your business in case of a closure. If you don’t protect yourself ahead of time, a long closure could have a permanent detrimental effect on your business.

Business interruption insurance can cover your operating expenses, and you can choose wage replacement as an option to make sure that your loyal employees are take care of during this hard time. You may qualify for a policy no matter what the size of your business.  Even home-based businesses may be eligible for business interruption coverage.

Nobody can predict a real emergency, and you can get peace of mind if you know you are covered. Call 1st American Insurance Agency in Longmont, CO today to discuss your options. 

Buying Tips for Motorcycle Insurance

Every year, thousands of claims are filed due to motorcycle accidents. No matter how safe of a rider you are, you can’t control the actions of others sharing the road. This is why reliable motorcycle insurance is so paramount. Longmont, CO motorcycle riders must consider the following before securing a new motorcycle insurance policy.

Bundle Discounts

Your insurance agent can help you look into whether bundling your automobile and motorcycle insurance can save you money on premiums. Also, check with any motorcycle associations you are a part of since they typically offer discounts on insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance Savings

You can be proactive as a way to save money on your motorcycle insurance policy. For instance, an insurance provider may give discounts to those who have completed a safe rider training course. The insurer may also take your clean driver record into consideration.

The way you care for your motorcycle will also have a direct effect on your insurance rates. For instance, your provider may lower the cost if you have an alarm installed on your motorcycle or if you store the bike in a garage.

Know Your Options

Although each insurance company is different, many will offer three levels of coverage for your motorcycle: liability, economy, and comprehensive. With liability, it covers any damage to a person and/or their vehicle if you’re the responsible party in an accident. Economy includes liability coverage and will also protect you against theft. Comprehensive will include all of the above along with collision insurance to protect you and your motorcycle in the event of an accident.

Residents in Longmont, CO and surrounding areas can contact 1st American Insurance Agency for assistance with securing a motorcycle policy within your budget. Give our friendly agents a call today at 303-774-8810.

What to Do if Your House has been Robbed

No one wants to come home to see their front door ajar, and their home in shambles because a break in. Unfortunately, there are approximately one burglary every 15 seconds. If a homeowner encounters this situation, they should not panic. While this may be an automatic response, it is best to remain calm and take the proper steps to handle the situation. 

Contact the Police 

Before moving anything, touching the door or anything else, the homeowner needs to contact the local, Longmont, CO police department. Keep in mind, the best chance the police have to catch a burglar is to find evidence they left behind in the home. If the homeowner begins moving things or cleaning up, they may accidentally destroy extremely helpful evidence. 

While it may be difficult, it is best to take a step back and let the police come and do their job. Once they are through with their investigation, make sure to get a copy of the report to give to 1st American Insurance Agency when making a claim. 

File a Claim with the Insurance Company

Once the police have done their work, it is necessary to contact the insurance company and file a claim. In most cases, they will need certain information from the homeowner, such as what was taken, a copy of the police report and any other pertinent information. This is necessary to help ensure that a homeowner is able to recoup all their losses after the break-in. 

There is no question that having a home robbed can be an extremely difficult situation. Not only is it scary, it can also be quite emotional. Knowing what to do is the best way to handle the situation. While calling the police is an important first step, it is also necessary to file a claim with the insurance company. For more information about handling a robbery situation, contact the staff at 1st American Insurance Agency serving Longmont, CO for more information. 


Should You Choose A Higher Or Lower Deductible For Your Auto Insurance?

When it comes to having the right protection you should always choose the option that best suits your needs. For many, there is a question about the amount of the deductible during a covered event. If you are not sure how the deductible works, here are a few important things to know to help you make an informed decisions.

Lower Deductible, Higher Premium

If you are tempted to go with the lower deductible, you may not realize that you are still going to have to make up the difference in the form of higher premiums. If you are on a tight monthly budget, you might want to opt for a higher deductible so you don’t have to pay as much up front. Keep in mind, however, if you do experience a covered event, you are going to need to meet the deductible amount before the insurance is going to cover expenses incurred as a result of a claim.

Are You Financing?

If you are financing your vehicle, you should consider going with the lower deductible and paying the higher premium up front. It will make it easier for you to have the vehicle repaired and allows you to feel more secure in the event of an accident. This is especially true is there are extensive damage and medical bills. Most people who have full coverage for newer vehicles should opt for maximum coverage as well as the lower deductible to ensure they can have the least amount of issues on their end during a claim. If you live in Longmont, CO, 1st American Insurance Agency can help you determine which situation best suits your needs. 

Before making a purchase for insurance products, make sure you know whether or not you want a lower deductible. For people living in or around Longmont, CO, 1st American Insurance Agency invites you to call or stop by for more information and answers to your insurance questions.