What Does my 1st American Insurance Agency Cover if Personal Items are Stolen From my Car in Lafayette, CO?

Personal items that you keep in your car may be stolen if someone breaks into your vehicle. Depending on the auto insurance that you purchased the coverage that you have available in Lafayette, Colorado may vary.

Full Cost

If you purchased a comprehensive policy that includes the theft of personal belongings, then you may be covered for the full replacement value of that item. You will need to provide proof that the item was stolen from your car via a police report or similar documentation, but you may be able to obtain the full cost of replacing the item.

Cost After Depreciation

In some cases, you may have coverage that provides the cost of the item minus any depreciation. That means that you have partial coverage for the object that was stolen from your vehicle, so you may not obtain the entire amount that you expect.

Item Plus Damages

When your vehicle is damaged during the theft of your personal belongings, the insurance may cover more than just the items that were taken. Insurers may provide the replacement cost of the items and the repair costs for the vehicle.

Differences Between Policies

Every policy is unique, so you may or may not have coverage against theft. A liability plan does not usually have protection for your personal belongings, so it is important to read your plan before you make a claim. Sometimes, you may not have protection available.

The theft of personal belongings from a car can be bothersome, but options are available to replace the items. Contact the 1st American Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your policy.

Does my Commercial Policy Include Coverage for Power Failure, Frozen Water Pipes and Collapse Due to Weight of Ice and Snow in Lafayette, CO?

Purchasing a commercial insurance policy does not necessarily mean that you have properly covered all of the potential problems that may occur in Lafayette, Colorado. Depending on the plan that you purchased and the purpose of your coverage, you may or may not be able to make a claim if you face a power failure, frozen water pipes or a collapse due to snow and ice accumulation on your roof.

The Plan You Purchased

Before you can determine if you have coverage for your situation, evaluate the plan that you purchased. Find out what you covered in your policy so that you can determine if your insurer will include property damage as part of the policy.

A commercial policy that is designed to protect against liability may not pay for damages to company property. On the other hand, a plan that is designed to protect your business assets may offer some protection against problems with snow, ice and winter weather.

Amount of Protection Available

Every insurance plan is different, so the exact amount of protection that you have may vary. Some insurers may exclude damages from weather conditions or may have certain requirements that you must meet to qualify for reimbursements or repairs. For example, an insurer may require that you keep the heat in the building to a certain temperature to reduce the risk that your pipes may freeze.

It is important to evaluate your insurance on a regular basis when you want to avoid complications. In some cases, you may discover that your company is not protected against all of your worries. Contact the 1st American Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent for more details about commercial insurance policies.

My Vehicle Was Damaged at a Business’ Parking Lot When the Ice Slid Off the Roof? Will it be Covered?

Parking a car in a business parking lot means that the company that owns the lot or is renting the lot is responsible to maintain the property. If your car was damaged in a business parking lot because ice slid off the roof of the building and hit your car, then your auto insurer may refuse to pay for the damages because it is the responsibility of the business in Lafayette, Colorado.

Commercial Liability

Business owners often purchase commercial liability insurance policies to pay for potential accidents and problems that take place on company property. When your vehicle is parked in the company’s lot while you are buying a product or service from the business, it is not your responsibility to pay for those damages.

In most cases, a commercial policy will cover the cost. You may need to inform the business owner or the manager immediately to obtain the appropriate information to make a claim.

Limited Coverage

If the company does not have enough coverage to pay for the damages, then you may be able to make a claim with your auto insurer for the remaining expense. Even though the business may be responsible for the damages due to negligence, it is possible that the amount of coverage the business obtained is not always enough to pay for the full extent of the damages. In that situation, your insurer may help with the remaining cost.

When your vehicle is damaged due to the negligence of others, the appropriate insurance to pay for the repairs is the business or individual who was negligent. Contact the 1st American Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent for more information.

What is the Minimum Insurance Coverage Required to Own and Operate a Vehicle in Lafayette, CO?

When you purchase a vehicle in Lafayette, Colorado, you must follow the state guidelines for the minimum insurance requirements. The amount that is required so that you can own and operate a vehicle may depend on a few key factors, so it is important to identify the best auto policy for your needs.

Minimum State Requirements

Regardless of where you purchase your vehicle and how you plan to use the car, you must meet or exceed the required minimum for the state. That means you need a liability protection policy before you drive off the lot with the car.

A liability plan protects the property of other drivers if you cause an accident. It also includes personal injury protection for the driver and passengers in your car if an accident occurs. The state requires that you purchase liability protection.

Additional Requirements

Although the state minimum is a law, you may be required to buy more coverage if you purchase the car with a loan. The reason is that you do not fully own the car until after you pay off the lien, so the lender can have additional requirements associated with the purchase of your car.

Depending on the lender and the details of your agreement, the amount of protection that you need may vary. Some insurers may ask that you purchase a comprehensive plan while others only specify certain situations, such as crash protection or protection against theft.

The state guidelines are only the minimum that you must purchase when you own a car. It is the foundation that allows you to create a policy that is best for your concerns and goals. Contact the 1st American Insurance Agency to speak to an independent agent.