The Facts About a Personal Umbrella Policy

You probably have auto insurance, home insurance, and other necessary coverages in Lafayette, Colorado. You probably think that this is enough, but it may not always be. In fact, you may need to think about purchasing a personal umbrella policy.

How Does It Work?

Your regular policy may be unable to pay for all the damages and claims that may occur following an incident. For example, after an auto accident, you may need additional coverage to cover your liability if you were deemed at fault for the accident. Another example would be if someone files a claim against you after getting injured on your property. In some cases, your regular policy limits may not cover all of the associated costs. However, if you have an umbrella policy, it can cover the amount that exceeds the limits of your insurance policy up to the amount of coverage that you purchased.

Who Needs It?

If you have large personal assets, such as cash, home equity, etc., then an umbrella policy may be necessary. In some cases, even if you don’t have a lot right now, you could in the future. You may get in an accident, sue a trucking company and receive a significant judgment. You will then be at risk of becoming a victim of fraud. Ultimately, if you need more liability protection, then an umbrella policy may be just what you need.

How Much Is Needed?

This will vary from situation to situation. It will depend on the value of your current assets, estimated value of future assets, number of properties that you own, what type of recreational activities that you partake in and a number of other factors.

Your best bet is to give our home insurance agency a call to get quotes and to obtain more information regarding the umbrella policy and what it can do for you. We proudly serve the 80026 community and are happy to help you determine how much coverage you need, if any, and tailor an umbrella policy to meet your specific needs.

Is Carpet Damage Covered On My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Lafayette, Colorado is found within Boulder County. There are a lot of major roads leading in and out, helping people to connect to such major cities as Brighton and Boulder. The population is slowly growing and is currently at close to 25,000 people. More stores are opening up each year and the area is known for an oatmeal festival and wine festival every year.


When you shop for home insurance in the 80026 area of Lafayette, you want to look at what’s covered on the policy. This way, if something happens, you know if a claim will be paid or denied.


Carpet damage is an important thing to look at in Colorado. It can be damaged because of storms, snow, floods, and much more. You don’t want to pay for your carpet to be replaced if you don’t have to because it’s not cheap. This is why you have to look at getting home insurance that will take care of such things.


As you shop for cheap insurance, you have to consider the coverage levels. You want adequate coverage, otherwise the insurance company will never cover anything. This is why it can be advantageous to spend a little more money on a policy and have more things covered.


While carpet damage won’t always be covered, there will be many instances where it will. The policy will have fine print that will likely say that it won’t cover against pet damage, food stains, and general wear and tear. As for damage that happens to your home, such as flood, fire, and storm, however, the damages would be covered.


Your home in 80026 needs to be protected by a good home insurance policy. We have agents to help you with a policy in Lafayette, Colorado, so call us today!