Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool

Many residents in Lafayette are dog owners. Throughout the year there are various ways that you can keep your dog well cared for. The summer months are especially important because it can become very hot.

There are plenty of obvious things you can do, including not exercising your dog in the middle of the day and providing your dog with access to plenty of cool water.

There may be some things that you are not quite aware of.

The concrete or pavement that you walk your dog on can be extremely hot. Even after the sun has set, it has already absorbed a lot of the sun’s heat. The paw pads on your dog are very delicate and can be damaged on hot concrete. The solution is to use booties or some kind of adhesive paw protectors on your dog’s feet when you go out. You can find both at your local pet supply store. 

Mix in some wet food to your dog’s dry food during feeding times. Wet dog food has approximately 70% water and this is an easy way to increase hydration levels.

Keep your dog out of hot parked cars. Either bring your dog in with you or leave him at home where he can stay in the air conditioning. As your dog pants, the hot air is being trapped into the car, and this can lead to overheating and potentially even death.

If you are going to bring your dog outside during the summer, bring water for him to drink and have a towel available so that you can wet it and cool him down quickly.

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Safeco Insurance and 1st American Insurance Agency Present the #MY60 Challenge!

Reclaim time to do more of what you enjoy: Join 1st American Insurance Agency and Safeco Insurance in taking the #MY60 Challenge to free up time and go on that new adventure, get involved in the community or do whatever makes you happiest.

Long summer days are a natural time for Americans to re-focus their time to do more of what they enjoy, but finding any extra time can still be challenging.  We at 1st American Insurance Agency are excited about partnering with Safeco Insurance in presenting the MY60 Challenge to encourage people to take back 60 minutes of their day, over a 60-day period this summer.

To help protect the often invaluable asset of “time,” 1st American Insurance Agency is inviting our customers to visit  to find tips and checklists on how to create and maximize a “do more hour” for themselves.  Join us in taking the #MY60 Challenge, or use the hashtag #MY60 on Twitter to find tips and share experiences on finding an extra hour in your day to do more of what makes you happy.
“Safeco protects the things our customers value most, so they can have peace of mind and use more of their free time to do what they enjoy,” says Steven Pierce, Owner @1st American Insurance Agency.

A new Safeco Insurance survey found that more than four in five respondents agree they need an extra hour in the day The Safeco Insurance survey also demonstrated the tug-pull feeling Americans have on how much time they spend on things they have-to-do versus things they want-to-do, with respondents hoping for a near 50/50 split. However, the study reports people actually spend two-thirds of their time on have-to-do activities as opposed to only 33 percent focusing on want-to-do activities.

When it comes to time management, 66 percent of those surveyed believe they are only somewhat successful or not successful at all. In fact, only one-third of respondents feel that they successfully manage their time and complete daily to-do lists.

There is a bright spot to the findings: while four in five respondents agree they need an extra hour in the day, 70 percent say they would use that extra time to do something for themselves.  Topping the list of activities for a “do more hour” were personal hobbies (40%), having alone or personal time (29%) and trying something new (22%).
1st American Insurance Agency is proud to support the #MY60 Challenge and we’ve joined the challenge to find time to do more!

Please join us and Safeco by visiting

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Long Distance Driving Tips for Teens

Is there a limit on the number of hours you should let your teen drive? Of course there is, and this applies to all drivers. For any driver, it’s important to take a break at least every two hours. And for teen drivers who don’t have much experience, a break every hour is recommended. Also, it’s important that teens not be forced to drive in high-traffic areas if they don’t feel comfortable enough. Instead, a parent should take over driving until the traffic dies down. 

Also, although it’s important not to have the radio blaring when driving, turning on music is a great way to keep a teen driver focused on the road. Whether it be a CD, MP4 or something on the radio, music sends energy through the air, which often comes in handy when making a long road trip.

It’s your responsibility to show your teen how to drive around large vehicles, and when making a long distance trip, there’s a good chance that there will be quite a few semis on the road. Make sure you demonstrate to your teen how to check your mirrors and maneuver around these large vehicles. Also, make sure you express to your teen driver that if he can’t see a truck driver’s driver-side mirror, that the driver can’t see your teen. This means you’ll need to explain blind spots to your teen and how to avoid them. 

For more information on staying safe when taking long road trips, contact 1st American Insurance Agency today. And don’t forget to request insurance quotes. Remember, it’s the law that your teen be driving with insurance.