Is Your Small Business Protected Against These Risks?

If you own a small business, you probably want to do everything in your power to ensure your company’s protection against the unknown. But how do you know which risks pose a real threat? Here are three common ones to consider.

Risk #1: Property Damage

Property damage is one of the most common risks that small businesses face. Can you imagine having to pay to replace everything your business needs to run smoothly? Weather events, fire, flood, and other similar scenarios can wreak serious havoc on your enterprise and make general operations tough. Vandalism and theft are sadly also incidents that cost companies thousands of dollars in replacement or repair costs each year.

Risk #2: Liability Claims

Liability claims are another common small business risk. These claims happen very unexpectedly and are usually due to an injury of a third-party, libel, slander, or some other similar incident. In some cases, a liability claim can even lead to a costly lawsuit.

Risk #3: Worker Injuries

If you have any employees, the chance of a worker becoming injured while on the job is a serious risk. While you can try to create a work environment that fosters safe practices, sometimes accidents still occur. Whether it is something as minor as back strain or as serious as a life-threatening condition, workplace injuries are a matter that all small business owners need to be prepared for.

The easiest way to protect your firm against these three mentioned risks is by having an appropriate level of insurance coverage. Talk with your agent and determine which policies and risks affect your business the most. Then, put together a plan to mitigate the chance of a loss.

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Tips for Helping Car Accident Victims After a Wreck

After witnessing a car accident, you can be as discombobulated as the victims, but you should stop to give assistance. By providing crash victims with assistance, you may save a life.

If you don’t know how to help, consider the following tips for helping victims of a car accident.

Tip #1. Slow Down and Pull to the Shoulder of the Road

After witnessing an accident, you must proceed through the scene with caution. Typically, victims who are not seriously injured will be standing in the road. Driving slower will give them time to get out of your way, and it will allow you to pull over safely so that you can assist the victims.

Tip #2. Call 911

One of the best ways you can help people who have been involved in an accident is by calling 911. The quicker you are able to make the call, the quicker medical personnel will arrive on the scene. You should remain in your car where it is safe and call 911.

Tip #3. Turn on Your Hazard Lights

After you have talked to the 911 operator, you should turn on your lights to warn others about the accident. If you are behind the scene of the accident, oncoming drivers will automatically slow down when they see your flashers.

Tip #4. Remain at the Accident Until Authorities Arrive

As a witness to an accident, police officers that arrive on the scene will want to get a statement from you. You should remain at the scene of the wreck until you give your statement.

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