What To Look For When Reading An Auto Insurance Policy

Your auto insurance policy is a legal contract and it is important to understand it before entering an agreement with your insurance provider. Familiarize yourself with the different components of your policy so you can easily find information in the future and know exactly how much coverage you are purchasing. Here are the main components you will find in your auto insurance policy.

Declaration Page

This section gives you an overview of the policy. You will find the names of the people covered by the policy, the duration of the coverage, a short description of the type and amount of coverage you are purchasing and how much your premiums will cost.

Insuring Agreement

This section provides you with details on the service offered by your insurance provider. This is where you will find information about the type and amount of coverage you are purchasing and about what you should do if you are in a collision. The insuring agreement should also include details about exclusions and deductibles.

Types And Amount Of Coverage

This is the section of the insuring agreement that tells you exactly what you are paying for and how much coverage you will receive. This section will typically include details about body injury liability, property damage liability and collision coverage. If you choose to purchase optional coverage, you will find information about comprehensive, uninsured motorist and medical payments coverage as well.


The conditions of your auto insurance policy detail what your obligations are. Go over the conditions to find out about payment details, how to file a claim and how to cancel your policy.

Don’t purchase a policy before reading it! The insurance agents at 1st American Insurance Agency serving Longmont, CO will always take the time to go over your policy with you to make sure it is a good match for your needs. You should reach out to 1st American Insurance Agency if you are in the Longmont. CO area and need help with finding the right auto insurance policy.

Will a Smart Home System Reduce Home Insurance Costs?

At 1st American Insurance Agency, we provide each of our clients with the comprehensive home insurance right for their needs. One of the key factors in determining the cost of your insurance is accessing the amount of risk your home presents to the company. If you can take steps to minimize those risks, you may be able to save money on home insurance. For some people, smart home systems can help.

What Can a Smart Home System Do for You?

A wide range of smart home systems exist today. Each offers a few different features – and not all will offer the same benefits. However, some features can enhance the security and safety of your home. For example, if the system features a security camera outside of the home’s doors, this video can help to minimize the risk of theft. Like the addition of any home security system, this could help to reduce your premium.

In addition, some smart home systems feature sensors that monitor for high levels of carbon monoxide or smoke. Some also monitor temperature and can detect when a fire is present. These automatically alert the family and may even alert the local safety forces of your need. In doing so, they help to avoid the risk to your home from fire damage. In this way, they may also help to reduce your costs.

Should You Invest in One?

If you are thinking about investing in a smart home security system, call your experienced agents at 1st American Insurance Agency first. Let our team help you determine if this can be beneficial to your specific needs and costs. We serve residents in and around Longmont, CO and can help you to get the lowest possible premium for your home insurance needs.