Can I get insurance to cover my business if we have an emergency and the business is closed?

Your business is your most important investment, and your livelihood is tied up in it. You plan to work hard and make a profit so you can support yourself and your family, and you make plans to take care of any problems.

However, sometimes there are problems which are completely beyond your control, that could force your business to be closed. Closing for a few minutes or hours can have in impact on your customers, but some emergencies such as a fire or natural disaster could cause your business to be closed for a much longer time.

You will still be paying for all your normal expenses, unless you can get a break. That means you are paying rent or mortgage, utilities, and even salaries while your business is closed and you aren’t earning money. What can you do to protect yourself?

If you have a business in Longmont, CO, you can talk to the agents at 1st American Insurance Agency about getting a policy to cover your business in case of a closure. If you don’t protect yourself ahead of time, a long closure could have a permanent detrimental effect on your business.

Business interruption insurance can cover your operating expenses, and you can choose wage replacement as an option to make sure that your loyal employees are take care of during this hard time. You may qualify for a policy no matter what the size of your business.  Even home-based businesses may be eligible for business interruption coverage.

Nobody can predict a real emergency, and you can get peace of mind if you know you are covered. Call 1st American Insurance Agency in Longmont, CO today to discuss your options. 

Buying Tips for Motorcycle Insurance

Every year, thousands of claims are filed due to motorcycle accidents. No matter how safe of a rider you are, you can’t control the actions of others sharing the road. This is why reliable motorcycle insurance is so paramount. Longmont, CO motorcycle riders must consider the following before securing a new motorcycle insurance policy.

Bundle Discounts

Your insurance agent can help you look into whether bundling your automobile and motorcycle insurance can save you money on premiums. Also, check with any motorcycle associations you are a part of since they typically offer discounts on insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance Savings

You can be proactive as a way to save money on your motorcycle insurance policy. For instance, an insurance provider may give discounts to those who have completed a safe rider training course. The insurer may also take your clean driver record into consideration.

The way you care for your motorcycle will also have a direct effect on your insurance rates. For instance, your provider may lower the cost if you have an alarm installed on your motorcycle or if you store the bike in a garage.

Know Your Options

Although each insurance company is different, many will offer three levels of coverage for your motorcycle: liability, economy, and comprehensive. With liability, it covers any damage to a person and/or their vehicle if you’re the responsible party in an accident. Economy includes liability coverage and will also protect you against theft. Comprehensive will include all of the above along with collision insurance to protect you and your motorcycle in the event of an accident.

Residents in Longmont, CO and surrounding areas can contact 1st American Insurance Agency for assistance with securing a motorcycle policy within your budget. Give our friendly agents a call today at 303-774-8810.