Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars in Longmont?

So, you’re heading out on a road trip or perhaps your regular vehicle is out of commission. Either way, you’re left asking yourself if car insurance covers rental cars in Longmont, and today we’ll tell you all about that!

Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars in Longmont?

If you have your own car, you must have a certain amount of insurance (this amount varies from state to state) before you can take it out on the road. And if you have insurance, it will typically extend to your rental car. However, this isn’t always guaranteed and it can depend on your specific policy. 

Rather than relying on your rental car being covered by your personal insurance, a quick phone call to your insurance company is recommended you turn down any additional car insurance from a rental car company.

What About Collision and Comprehensive Insurance?

Good question! If you have collision and comprehensive insurance on your policy, these could also extend to the rental. But again, the only way to be sure is to speak to your insurance company ahead of time. 

Traveling Out of Country

Let’s say you’re taking a trip up north and you’re renting a vehicle in Canada or another country. In that case, you’ll usually need to purchase different insurance for your rental. Again, be sure to ask your provider as well as the company where you’re renting the car to find out. 

Consider Your Coverage Limits

Lastly, you’ll also want to consider the vehicle you’re renting and if it’s vastly different in value than the vehicle you own or lease. 

For example, let’s say your personal car insurance policy was created for a 15-year old vehicle worth less than $8,000 but you’re renting a vehicle worth $50,000 for a weekend. In that case, you’ll probably want to consider buying additional insurance to cover the cost of a more valuable car.

Another helpful tip is to contact your credit card company to find out about any coverage the card comes with if you book your vehicle with that card.
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