5 Tips to a Successful Motorcycle Road Trip

Riding your bike to and from work in Longmont, CO is one thing – going on an extended road trip is another. If you’re planning to explore Colorado on your bike this summer, the following tips can be helpful in making your road trip a success. 1st American Insurance Agency has a few tips for making your next motorcycle road trip more comfortable. 

Start with a Comfortable Bike

A comfortable bike is a must for long distance riding. If your bike needs modifications to enhance comfort, get them done before taking off on the road. A change in handlebar, more comfortable seating or improved headlights can make a big difference in how you enjoy your travels.

Use Proper Riding Attire

The proper clothes, i.e. well-fitting riding pants, jacket, ankle boots and a full-face helmet, will protect you from the elements and unforeseen accidents on the road. Safety is of utmost importance when traveling far from home.

Pack Light

The less you pack, the less bulk and weight you have to carry. Be selective in your choice of clothing- you can always wash and reuse them during your travels. Bring travel size personal hygiene products that take up little space and a compact first aid kit for minor emergencies that may arise. If you plan to make road trips a regular part of your life, invest in proper motorcycle luggage for greater ease in packing and traveling.

Plan Your Trip

Plan your trip in advance. Mark your routes, check out weather forecasts and book hotels, if any, where you plan to stay. Stop and rest as often as needed, drink plenty of water and take time to enjoy the views.  

Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Make sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance from 1st American Insurance Agency in Longmont, CO for protection against accidents. To learn more about coverage options and costs, contact an agent from 1st American Insurance Agency, Longmont, CO today.