Can Mold Damage Be Covered Under My Home Insurance Policy in Lafayette, CO?

Mold damage may be covered under a home insurance policy. If you are a homeowner in Lafayette, Colorado, it is important that you discuss the specific details of your insurance policy with your agent to ensure you know which limitations exist. Most policies provide some coverage for mold, but this depends on the cause of it.

Mold caused by maintenance problems tend not to be covered. This includes repeated water seepage, leaks, condensation issues, landscaping problems, continuous humidity, or drainage problems. Your policy may also exclude any type of structural or mold problem brought on by floods, unless you have an add-on flood policy.

Some types of damage may be covered, including mold that results from burst pipes and sewer backups. In many cases, if the mold is the result of a covered event, such as a fire loss, then the mold damage is covered by the policy. Look specifically at any exclusions listed in your policy, though, before assuming any level of coverage is present.

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