How to Protect Yourself from Impaired Drivers in Lafayette, Colorado

With the weather warming, Festival Plaza is going to be one of the most popular places in Lafayette, Colorado. From the Art Night Out to the Summer Concert Series, we anticipate a lot of fun and laughter. With many of these activities alcoholic beverages will be on the premises, so it is important that you do not drive after you’ve been drinking. If you do not anticipate drinking, you should drive defensively to protect yourself from others who may drive after drinking. The following are a few tips to increase your chances of driving home safely so you can keep the costs of your car insurance low.

Minimize How Much You Drive After These Events
It’s common knowledge that many alcohol related accidents happen at night and on the weekends. Whether you are leaving an event or not, driving at night increases your chances of encountering a drunk driver. If you suspect a driver is impaired, you should call in their car details to 911 to protect our roads.

Take Evasive Action when Necessary
Watch for vehicles driven by individuals who are driving recklessly. Once you identify these drivers, you can utilize some of the following evasive techniques to avoid and accident.
•    Emergency braking
•    Swerving to avoid
•    Stopping to avoid
Your goal is to get you and your family home safely so you should avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Think Quickly
Accidents can happen in an instant so you should always be prepared to react while you are driving. Whether a drunk driver loses control over their car or they are following you too closely, you must be able to respond quickly in order to avoid an accident. 

Your safety is our top priority and our agency is great at ensuring that you have the best insurance coverage possible. When you need car insurance, visit our website to get insurance quotes or contact one of our agents.