4 Ways to Help Your Teen Driver Understand Road Safety

Did your child just receive his or her learners permit? While your teen is undoubtedly excited, as a parent you are probably terrified. However, teaching your child to drive doesn’t have to be a painful process. Here are four tips to consider.

#1: Think Outside the Box

When teaching a teen to drive, most parents focus on steering and parking as their main objectives. However, it is incredibly important to think outside the box by remembering to discuss road hazards and how to avoid them. Try to recall any specific problems you have encountered in your neighborhood or town as you drive around on a daily basis and use these in your instruction.

#2: Limit Night Driving

Studies have shown that teen drivers are up to five times more likely to have a fatal or critical injury crash when driving at night. By limiting night driving, you can help your teen learn appropriate safety skills during the day that will translate to safer driving after sunset.

#3: Check with Your Insurance Company

Usually, one of the last places parents call when their teen has a learners permit is their insurance agent. However, agents typically have resources to help you teach your child the importance of safety behind the wheel. Many insurance carriers have their own videos and workbooks for teaching teen driving that can be borrowed. In addition, these companies usually offer a substantial discount on policy premiums once your young driver has successfully completed their program.

#4: Seek Outside Help

Sometimes the easiest way to make sure you’ve covered all the bases in your teen’s driving education is to seek outside help. There are many behind the wheel programs in Colorado that allow your child to learn the basics of driving and hazard recognition that may be from a different perspective than you can teach.

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