Is driver information required for a corporation to get commercial auto insurance?

Applying for commercial-auto-insurance is a decision that every business owner will make when he or she is purchasing a car for employees to use while they are at work. While the specific details regarding the paperwork and the requirements of a particular insurance company can vary, you will usually need to provide the information of every driver who has access to the vehicle before you can obtain a policy.

License of the Drivers

When you are applying for coverage, you will need a copy of every driver’s license. Even if the individual will only drive occasionally, you must provide the basic information so that the company can provide the proper coverage.

If there is a specific individual who will not be driving, then identify that individual if he or she has access to the vehicle so that the insurance company can exclude the driver.

Driving History

Along with the license, you must allow the company to look at the driving history of every individual who will be driving the vehicle. The driver’s history is part of determining if there is a risk of accidents.

Details that are provided in a driving history include the accident reports, the number of claims an individual has made and other charges associated with driving, such as a DUI or a similar offense. In many cases, the information will only extend a few years into the past, but some items like a DUI will be visible for a longer duration of time.

While you may not want to provide all of the information about your employees that the company is requested, the driver’s license and a driving history are a necessary part of properly protecting your company assets and employees. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more.