Three Things You Can Do Today to Save Your Colorado Business Money

Colorado businesses are always looking for ways to save. The challenge can be trying to save money without negatively affecting your product or services. If you own a business in the state, here are three things you can do today to save your Colorado business money.

  1. Take advantage of the free marketing and advertising opportunities that surround you. Use social media and online marketing tactics to promote your business. Partner with like-minded businesses to promote your business. Get involved in the community and make yourself visible. These efforts can allow you to save on how much advertising you buy.
  2. Become fanatic about saving energy at your business. Use energy efficient lights. Roll the heating or cooling back two degrees. Make sure all windows and doors are secure. Get a timed thermostat to reduce energy use after hours. Make everyone associated with your business know you are attempting to be as green as possible, including your customers.
  3. Get quotes on your commercial insurance. Your company has likely changed through the years. Your present coverage may be inadequate or over-priced. An insurance review may better protect your business while actually saving you money.

Getting a commercial insurance review or quote is easy when you contact 1st American Insurance Agency. As an independent agency, we can review policies written by any company. If you like, we can search multiple companies for a better price, while avoid cutting corners. There is no cost or obligation, and we may just be able to save you money.

For personal insurance, visit our website to get a comparative quote on homeowners or auto insurance. For your business insurance contact one of our agents for a quote. We are 1st American Insurance Agency and we can go to work for you.