Discounts For Students: Auto Insurance

Discounts for students are everywhere. You can go virtually anywhere and find a discount the moment you show your student ID. When it comes to auto insurance in Lafayette, discounts are also available, but you won’t need to show your ID. Instead, you will have to qualify for them.

There are four discounts you will want to explore.

#1 – Low Mileage

Low mileage discounts are out there whether you are a student or not. It makes sense. If you’re not putting a lot of miles on your car, you’re not out on the roads often and therefore are considered relatively low risk. If you live on campus, this should be an easy discount to take advantage of.

#2 – Defensive Driving

If you take a defensive driving class, you can turn the certificate in to the insurance company. It may be worth a discount of 10% or even more.

#3 – Safe Driving

If you have a clean driving record, ask for a safe driving discount. The statistics are against you because you are a young driver, but if you don’t have tickets or accidents, be sure you are being rewarded.

#4 – Good Grades

You want to see if you qualify for a good grades discount. Don’t assume that because you haven’t made the dean’s list that you won’t get the discount. Insurance companies vary in terms of what grades they look for to provide the discount. Some companies will issue discounts as long as you are maintaining a C+ or higher in your classes.

At 1st American Insurance Agency, we are committed to helping you find affordable auto insurance policies. Especially if you are a student, our knowledgeable agents can help you find all of the best discounts in Colorado. Call today and let us begin finding quotes on your behalf.