Do Independent Contractors Need Commercial Insurance?

With Commercial Insurance The Answer Will Never Be Black and White

It depends on what your business is. This is why a professional insurance agent who is well-versed in commercial insurance is necessary to discuss what your particular liabilities are and how best you can be protected.

The State of Colorado Recognizes These Types of Insurances For Your Business:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance – is required in Colorado if you have one or more hired employees
  • Professional Liability Insurance – is required for only those professions where someone can be hurt by negligence or improper actions of the staff of the company. This insurance also covers measures to protect the reputation of the company and its officers. In Colorado, it is recommended for some professions and required for others.
  • Business Liability Insurance – is required by most businesses if any liability can be assumed by any person who could be harmed by any of the products’ performance. It also protects the business owner from being sued personally or services of the business. This is more of the generalized insurance product that is required by all of the businesses that operate in Colorado. 

Commercial insurance is what we do at 1st American Insurance Agency. Though it is not the only product we specialize in, we make certain to maintain high standards of service delivery for our commercial insurance and all of our clients. We know you are busy running your business, let us handle your insurance.

Serving the Longmont, CO and the surrounding areas we know the insurance regulatory laws of this state and are well-equipped to let you know what your business needs are regarding commercial insurance. Call, fax, email or come in to see us today to ascertain how we can help you protect your wealth and business revenue.