I am just starting out as an entrepreneur and am not sure if my new business qualifies for commercial insurance. What are my options?

There are times when you need to protect your growing business, but may not qualify for a traditional commercial insurance policy because your business is still too small. Even though you may not qualify for coverage under a basic commercial plan, it is possible that you can obtain entrepreneur insurance in Lafayette, CO.

What is Entrepreneur Coverage?

An entrepreneur insurance policy is a plan that is designed to address your needs as a business owner. You may or may not have employees, so the coverage focuses on your goals as a business owner rather than a company.

The coverage may include basic liability protection and protection for any business equipment that you must maintain to provide your products or services. It will usually cover more than the amount that is available on a personal policy.

Getting Appropriate Coverage

While the policy is designed to address the needs and concerns of an entrepreneur, it is important to evaluate your personal goals and concerns before you select a plan. Identify the coverage that you need in regards to liability, protection for company assets and similar concerns.

Compare a variety of policies based on your goals. Do not settle for anything that does not address all of your major concerns, especially when it comes to protecting company equipment, property and liability concerns. The policies that are available can vary, so narrow down the choices and compare options to find the best coverage for your goals.

As an entrepreneur, you have different concerns than a large commercial company or an individual. The coverage that you need can differ from the needs of larger companies. Contact us to speak to an agent for more details.