1st American Insurance Company – Federal Heights, CO

There are many types of insurance that help to keep you protected against sudden, unexpected circumstances that would normally bankrupt you due to the costs involved. If you get in a car accident, have a tree fall on your house, or have a health emergency, insurance in Federal Heights helps you to recover without burning through your savings. The insurance company gets a premium from you on a monthly, quarterly, or annually. This money gets you the protection that you need to deal with the situations that the policy covers.

The type of situations that the insurance in Federal Heights, CO covers varies depending on the level of coverage you purchase and the insurance company that you go through. For example, auto insurance has a few important options that determines what the insurance company pays if you wreck your car. Generally, most states want you to hold liability insurance so if you hit someone else’s car and either damage the car or injure them, your insurance pays without the need for a lawsuit. However, you can go beyond basic insurance levels and add in additional coverage so you can fully protect your car. Additionally, if you finance your vehicle the title holder has a financial interest in the car. Instead of only allowing you to hold liability insurance, the bank may request comprehensive insurance so if the car gets stolen or has a tree fall on it, you don’t lose the vehicle entirely. Home insurance is another type of insurance that is typically mandated by the lien holder, although given the cost of house repairs it’s also good to have in general.