Is frost damage to your driveway covered by my home insurance policy?

During the winter months, it is likely that you will face a variety of situations associated with winter storms, snowfall and frost. Among the problems that may arise is the possibility of frost damage to your driveway, sidewalks and even your yard. Depending on your coverage and policy, you may or may not be covered for the situation.

Sudden Damage

In many cases, insurance companies will pay for any damages to your property that are related to sudden and unexpected situations. For example, a sudden frost that comes up without warning and is part of a winter storm may be covered. Frost that develops slowly and provides enough time to protect against may have less coverage or may not be covered by every policy.

It is also important to recognize that a frozen and frost-covered driveway may not be covered if it stems from a problem that is not covered by your policy, such as a flood that freezes.

Amount of Coverage

Even if your policy does provide coverage for the situation, it is possible that the amount of funds available for the repairs may be limited. Some insurance providers will only cover a set percentage of your total homeowner’s policy, such as five percent, so you may or may not have the amount of funds that you need to pay for the damages.

The amount of coverage may vary, so it is important to read your policy and evaluate any figures that are associated with storm damage.

Your driveway is considered part of your yard and it may be protected against frost damage, but the details of your policy can impact your options. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about the policies that are available.