How Can Umbrella Insurance Prevent Financial Losses?

Common insurance policies such as auto and homeowners’ insurance can provide average protection. In some cases, however, you may need additional coverage to help prevent losses from events that exceed the limits of your coverage. Having umbrella insurance can give you the protection that other policies can’t offer.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is additional insurance protection that covers limits above and beyond standard insurance coverage. For example, if you have $1 million in coverage on your home, but you feel that there is a high chance that there may be an event that would exceed the limits of coverage you have then umbrella insurance would protect you. If you have an expensive vehicle and you feel that your standard coverage might not be enough to protect you from additional replacement costs or medical expenses, then umbrella insurance would be a smart option.

Do You Need Umbrella Protection?

If you are unsure whether or not umbrella coverage is right for your needs, you should consult an insurance professional. They can help you assess your needs and offer recommendations that can provide the coverage you need and the peace of mind that comes with it. 1st American Insurance Agency can assist the residents in and around the Longmont, CO area with their umbrella insurance needs.

If you feel that you don’t have enough insurance coverage, and live in or around the Longmont, CO area, then you should call or stop by 1st American Insurance Agency and speak to a knowledgeable insurance representative. They are there to answer any questions and help you determine what type of coverage is best for your situation.