How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Profits

Your business is likely the bread-and-butter of your finances. Even if it’s a side hustle, you have likely begun to rely on that extra income. If you’re considering either switching your commercial insurance or purchasing a new policy, 1st American Insurance Agency would like you to have a better idea of how commercial insurance can protect you and your livelihood. 

You Have a Backup Plan 

A solid insurance policy gives you a way out of countless sticky situations. What happens if you can’t open your business in Longmont, CO for several months because of structural damage? Can you operate from home? Can you sell the same stock online? Is your stock still intact after the damage? You can purchase insurance that will not only help you reopen the shop after making the repairs, but also replace the lost income that you weren’t making during the time of the repairs. 

You Get Answers 

When you find someone who can help you during the worst possible events, you have a way to plan ahead. The right insurance partner can give you the advice and the warnings you need to make better decisions — something that’s difficult to do when panic sets in. So if a customer decides to sue for three times what the business is even worth, you can consult an expert about how to take the next steps. These kinds of perks can preserve profits because they help owners prepare for the worst. 

If you want to learn more about which policies do what for you, call 1st American Insurance Agency today. We help the people of Longmont, CO get a better handle on how to keep their business from financial ruin. Instead of purchasing the bare minimum, call us for quotes and learn more.