I am building a new home in Lafayette, CO. Do I need to insure it while it’s under construction?

Because of its close location to Boulder and Denver, Lafayette, Colorado is a great location to build a new home. But even if you are still in the first stage of construction you will need to think about getting homeowner’s insurance right away. When you build a home, there are a lot of risks that you face, and insuring that you have the right type of insurance while your home is under construction will protect your house and your wallet.

Why You Should Insure Your House While It’s Under Construction

Insurance is there to protect you anytime you own property of value that needs protection. Even before the foundation is set for your new home, the construction site will have tools and materials that all face the risk of being stolen or destroyed during a disaster. Insurance will protect you from each of these threats.

A common method of insuring a house during the construction phase is to obtain a homeowner policy. Through your policy, you can obtain coverage for damages to the structure of your home. If you have friends or workers on the site of your property, you should also consider liability coverage to take care of any medical costs that might come up if someone is injured on your property.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Constructing a home in Colorado might present risks that greatly increase your premiums. However, you can bring down your costs when you work with an independent agent who is authorized to carry several policies from leading insurance providers. Through 1st American Insurance Agency, you can compare quotes from multiple insurance companies to obtain the best rates on homeowner’s insurance. Contact us today to obtain the coverage you need when you are building a new home.