What are some tips for insuring my first car?

It’s an exciting time in your life when you pick up your first car, but you do have practical considerations to keep in mind. In Lafayette, CO, you legally need to hold insurance on your car before you can drive it on the road.

Liability insurance is the basic auto insurance you need before you can drive around. Liability coverage is straightforward. If you hit another car, damage property, or cause injury to a person, the liability insurance kicks in to pay the other party for the issue. It does not cover any damage to your own vehicle, nor does it provide for your medical expenses. The other driver’s liability insurance may pay for this, if you are not at fault.

If you have an inexpensive car as your starter vehicle, you may want to save money by keeping insurance at a bare minimum. You won’t get a lot of money if it’s totaled, and your insurance premiums are higher when you’re insuring first car experiences.

You do have other options for coverage, such as collision and comprehensive. Collision coverage is self-explanatory. Your insurance company pays for damage related to collisions, whether you run into another vehicle or that pesky telephone pole that jumped right in front of you. Comprehensive coverage gives you protection against many other situations that arise, such as your car getting stolen, catching on fire, or even being hit by someone who does not have sufficient insurance coverage.

Get in touch with your independent insurance agent serving the Broomfield and Longmont areas to find the best options for insuring first car options.