Insuring That Your Lafayette, Colorado Business Doesn’t Get Zapped!

They say lightning can strike anywhere. Would your Lafayette, Colorado business be covered if it was hit? Lightning can cause damage in of itself. It can also start a fire that that creates further destruction. A lightning strike can also cause a significant power surge that can quickly destroy much of the electronics and computers in your Lafayette business.

It would seem like a relatively simple task to replace your electronics and computers until you realize what all they may contain. Many of today’s business computers have specialty software. Many are part of a wider network of computers, and the network would have to be set up again. Not to mention the vast amount of information that may be lost. If your business insurance only covers equipment replacement you may get zapped incurring the other related costs.

If you aren’t quite sure of what you are or aren’t covered for, contact us. At 1st American Insurance Agency, we are an independent agency. We can review your business insurance whether you got it from us or not. We can verify your current coverage and show you any potential weaknesses. Because we are an independent agency representing multiple companies, it can mean significant potential savings for you.

Let us demonstrate our services by comparing your homeowners or auto insurance right online from our website. You can get a free, no obligation comparative quote from the convenience of any internet connection. It could be time that is very well spent

If you have a business in the 80026 area, what you don’t know can hurt you. Don’t get zapped by a lightning strike or the variety of other calamities that can damage your businesses electronics. Contact us at 1st American Insurance Agency today.