Do you need liability insurance if you operate a company that sells services not products?

Providing a service to your customers in Lafayette, CO does not mean that you can avoid liability insurance. Although your needs will differ from a company that sells a specific product, you should recognize that you are still responsible for any injuries that take place on your property as well as the actions and behaviors of your employees.

Contact With Customers

As a general rule, any business that has direct contact with a customer or several customers must have some liability protection. The reason is that injuries can take place unexpectedly, and it may not even relate to the actions of your employees or your behaviors. Even if your customer trips over a wet floor or a piece of furniture, you are responsible for the injuries that took place on your property or the property that you are renting.

Appropriate Policies

The liability insurance that you need may vary based on a variety of factors. Depending on your goals, concerns and needs, the amount of coverage that you require will vary.

Appropriate policies will address your specific needs. If you are a doctor, then you need coverage to protect against malpractice. If you are providing massages, then you need protection against injuries that you or your staff may cause.

Evaluate your risks and then determine the plan that is appropriate for your needs. The best plans will vary dramatically based on the situation and your specific goals.

Running a business means that you must obtain the appropriate policy to address your goals and concerns. Liability coverage is a necessity for most businesses, including a company that provides a specific service rather than a product. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details about your options.