Other Ways to Use Your Cleaning Supplies

We all have cleaning supplies lying around the house, and you’re probably used to breaking them out to use in your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. But what about outside or in your garage? Do you have other products for those areas? Maybe you shouldn’t. Here are some tips to repurpose your cleaning supplies around all of your property. 

Liquid Soap Can Do It All 

If your child gets a bruise on their arm, you may get a paper towel with some ice wrapped up in it. What may actually work better though is freezing liquid soap in a bag so it will melt slower and provide more comfort to the injured. You can also use liquid dish soap to scrub down greasy garage floors or kill weeds when it’s combined with salt and white vinegar. 

Oven Cleaner In Your Bathtub

For white, porcelain tubs, you can use oven cleaner to scrub and remove those pesky stains. Older tubs especially have a tendency to accumulate grime over the years, so this is one heavy-duty item that should be repurposed so you have a cleaner shower or bath experience. 

Denture Tablets 

These may clean dentures, but they can also be used as a substitute for Liquid Plumber. When you break these in half and combine with hot water, you get a drain that has bubbles within it getting to work to unclog your drain. The bubbles themselves get air in to break up the clog. 

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