Overhanging Ice Fell on my Vehicle in Lafayette, CO. Will my Auto Insurance Cover it?

During the winter months, it is not uncommon for ice to accumulate in trees, on houses or on any other property. When overhanging ice fell on your vehicle, it may or may not be covered by your auto insurance policy in Lafayette, Colorado.

Comprehensive Plans

A comprehensive auto policy may or may not offer some protection against damage from ice that falls on your vehicle. Since the plan may provide solutions for situations that damage your vehicle when you are not driving, the details of whether you have coverage may depend on the clauses or exceptions that are found in your policy.

Many insurers offer comprehensive plans that consider the worst case situations, including the possibility that ice may fall on your car. Review your current policy to determine if you are covered for the situation or if there is an exception to damage from ice.

Liability Plans

If you purchased a liability policy, then you may not have any coverage for damages to your personal car.

A liability plan provides protection against the financial losses if you cause an accident while you are driving. It also includes personal injury protection for the driver and the passengers of your vehicle. Unfortunately, a basic liability plan does not usually offer solutions to pay for damages to your car after it is damaged from a storm, tree branch or falling ice. You may need to purchase additional protection if you are worried about paying for the damages to your car.

Depending on the policy that you purchased, you may or may not have protection against damages that are not related to an accident. Contact the 1st American Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent to learn more about auto insurance coverage options.