It Only Takes a Minute

Lafayette, Colorado is home to quite a few fun and interesting events. It is home to an oatmeal festival, a wine festival and even a peach festival. We like to have fun and enjoy our sense of community. Many enjoy entertaining in our homes, never giving our homeowners insurance a second thought. The problem is; it only takes a minute for someone to accidently get hurt. Are you properly prepared for a significant personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim can result from a throw rug or a slippery stair. They can come from an uneven concrete walkway or a hole in your backyard. They can originate from a neighbor or friend, delivery person or the guy who mows your lawn. It only takes a minute, and every day it occurs to people who once said “Yeah, but that would never happen to me.”

If you are unsure about how well your homeowners insurance liability coverage would help in the event of a personal injury claim, it’s time to get a homeowners insurance review. A review of your homeowners insurance will verify where you think you are covered and what the actual limits are. Many people don’t look at their homeowners insurance policy for years. That can be dangerous. It also may be costing you money.

You see at 1st American Insurance Agency, we are an independent agency. As an independent agency, we can review the homeowners insurance policies of any company. If you like, we can get quotes that can save you money. In fact, you can try for yourself. Visit our website and get a comparative quote on your homeowners and auto insurance. We think you will like what you see.

Contact us at 1st American Insurance Agency today. After all, it only takes a minute.