The Advantages of Commercial Insurance

It is necessary for any business that has employees to have some insurance coverage as it is a requirement by law. Companies normally just get the bare minimum coverage such as unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance. It is prudent, however, for enterprises to have additional covers so that they can guarantee the safety of various aspects of your business. Different types of insurance coverage that can safeguard your company from financial losses, accidents, damages, negligence and malpractice claims, general liability, professional liability, product liability, and commercial property insurance are among those additional packages that provide these services individually or as part of the business owner’s policy bundle.

Our obligation as the 1st American Insurance Agency is to provide residents of Longmont, CO with all their insurance requirements and information as is suitable for your business.

Accidents happen. Insurance coverage, even if it may not prevent misfortunes,  gives a certain reassurance to business and property owners. Our company offers Commercial insurance that protects the earnings and assets in your business in case of a disaster. It is especially necessary and beneficial to small businesses owners because they may be a direct source of income and a means to support their families. There are slight variations of commercial insurance in our agency. We can offer you the all-encompassing policy, or you can opt for covers with specifications. 

Specific packages at 1st American Insurance Agency include commercial property insurance that protects you against property damages and loss from fire, severe weather conditions, theft, and vandalism. You can also get coverage for general liability insurance from lawsuits occurring after an accident. Moreover, company vehicles and drivers can also enjoy the commercial auto insurance as protection against automobile accidents, property damage, and liability. 

Considering the expenses you can get a policy tailored to the potential risks associated with your property and its value. Besides the benefits mentioned in the covers above, additional benefits are available depending on the custom covers you choose. Our property cover is tax deductible. You may also pick a cover with higher deductibles from monthly payments, but it would be prudent to set aside the deductible amount. The cover replaces resources, money, and damaged property, lower the risk of conducting business and shield you against litigation claims. Visit our offices at Longmont, Colorado. For more information, contact us.