Top Items to Have in Your Car

When you’re traveling in your car, you should always have certain items to assist in case you break down. This is especially the case if you travel at night. You need to have certain tools, so you can fix the problem and be on your way. It will even save you money when you don’t have to call a repair shop. 

1. A Flashlight

Have a flashlight or inspection light on hand. Not all areas of importance on a car are accented with a bright light. And keep in mind that not every problem is easily visible. It may take a bit of investigating deep within the internal structure of your car to identify the problem. Even if the problem is easy to spot, a flashlight will come in handy if you break down and night and are trying to repair the problem or you’re waiting for a tow truck. 

2. A Lug Wrench

You may already have a lug wrench in your vehicle that came along with your spare tire. If not, get one. It makes having to change a tire much easier. Plus, you must remove the tires to expose the suspension and brakes. 

3. Socket Set 

You can tighten up nuts and bolts with a socket set. Optimally, you want one with various sizes. A ratcheting handle will come in useful when working in a confined space. You should at least have a set with a 1/4 in., 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. sockets with extensions. 

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