Give Trick-or-Treaters Candy, Not Bruises

On October 31, trick-or-treaters will be knocking on the front doors of houses throughout Lafayette, CO. When they come to your home, make sure you give them candy, not bruises. After all, a fall could result in the worst trick of all — a home insurance claim.

Reduce the Risk of Bruises

When trick-or-treating, kids are rarely thinking about their safety. Instead, they’re usually focused on the loot they’ll get from the next house, especially if that home is known for handing out king-size candy bars. As a homeowner, you should watch out for kids who come to your door, because they won’t always watch out for themselves. You can keep them safe by:

  • clearing your yard of anything they might trip over
  • lighting up any obstacles in your yard that can’t be moved
  • keeping your dog indoors (if you have one)

It’s impossible to eliminate the risk of a fall completely, but these are easy ways to significantly reduce the chances of a child tripping and falling on your property.

Reduce Your Financial Risk

If a trick-or-treater does fall in your yard or on your front step and suffers serious injuries, you might be held responsible. Liability coverage, which is part of most home insurance policies, may protect you if you are held responsible. If the injuries result from a covered incident, your liability coverage will help defray expenses that you might be expected to pay.

If you’re not familiar with liability coverage and its role in a home insurance policy, contact our agents. They’ll gladly explain what protections it provides, and they can help you shop around for a home insurance policy that has excellent liability coverage. To reach us at 1st American Insurance Agency, simply send us a message online.