Ways to Keep your Car Clean in Lafayette, Colorado

Keeping your car clean in Lafayette, Colorado is no easy feat. The Rocky Mountain state is notorious for four distinct seasons of weather with rain and snow storms that seemingly come out of nowhere, as well as dust and pollen that blows in and out of the mountains. But keeping your car clean is important and more so than just the reason to keep it looking nice so that it retains a good resale value. There are also safety issues at play here, because a filthy vehicle can lead to bad visibility which can lead to an accident, which will make your auto insurance policy from a place like 1st American Insurance Agency skyrocket. Below are some ways to keep your car clean in Lafayette, Colorado so that you’ll look good and be safe while driving.


Keep your vehicle covered when it is parked for an extended period of time. This means either parking it in a garage of some kind or purchasing a car cover that you attach to the outside of the vehicle. Just keeping the car from being exposed to those outdoor elements for a good percentage of the day will keep the vehicle in better condition and generally cleaner throughout the year.


There is no real easy way to clean the interior of your car yourself from all the sand, dirt and grime that may be tracked into it… unless you buy a small hand vacuum, of course. These vacuums will be well worth it because they can easily suck up dirt that has accumulated in every nook and cranny inside your vehicle.


Cleaning windows and mirrors is critical to driving safety when cleaning your car and the best way to do this is with old newspaper, believe it or not. You’ll also want to mix water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar together to make the best streak free solution for these surfaces.