What Does my 1st American Insurance Agency Cover if Personal Items are Stolen From my Car in Lafayette, CO?

Personal items that you keep in your car may be stolen if someone breaks into your vehicle. Depending on the auto insurance that you purchased the coverage that you have available in Lafayette, Colorado may vary.

Full Cost

If you purchased a comprehensive policy that includes the theft of personal belongings, then you may be covered for the full replacement value of that item. You will need to provide proof that the item was stolen from your car via a police report or similar documentation, but you may be able to obtain the full cost of replacing the item.

Cost After Depreciation

In some cases, you may have coverage that provides the cost of the item minus any depreciation. That means that you have partial coverage for the object that was stolen from your vehicle, so you may not obtain the entire amount that you expect.

Item Plus Damages

When your vehicle is damaged during the theft of your personal belongings, the insurance may cover more than just the items that were taken. Insurers may provide the replacement cost of the items and the repair costs for the vehicle.

Differences Between Policies

Every policy is unique, so you may or may not have coverage against theft. A liability plan does not usually have protection for your personal belongings, so it is important to read your plan before you make a claim. Sometimes, you may not have protection available.

The theft of personal belongings from a car can be bothersome, but options are available to replace the items. Contact the 1st American Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your policy.