What kinds of winter storm damages are typically covered by homeowners insurance policy in Lafayette, CO?

A homeowner in Lafayette, Colorado, is keenly aware of the vagaries of local winter weather. In January, it might be 60 degrees one day and 14 degrees the next, with blowing snow across the area. Understanding the kinds of damage covered by your homeowners insurance in advance of the winter season can help you avoid unwelcome surprises when you contact your independent agent or insurance company to file a claim.

Since there is no single standard homeowners policy, it is impossible to give you hard and fast answers about your coverage. The following list encompasses those losses that typically may be covered by your policy:

  • Property damage to your home and insured structures, such as detached garages, caused by falling trees unable to withstand the power of winter storm conditions. Note that if the tree fell in your yard, but did not damage your home or any insured structure, your homeowners coverage typically does not pay for removing tree debris,
  • Damages from burst pipes or ice dams during extremely cold weather.
  • Damages, such as to food in refrigerators, caused by power outages caused by winter storms. Note that most homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage for power outages unless they result from hazards (called perils) covered by the policy, such as wind, lightning, hail, fire, etc.
  • Damages caused by the weight of ice or snow that causes your roof, porches or decks to collapse.
  • Other losses if specifically noted in your policy language. All peril policies will cover all hazards, but those causes noted as specifically excluded from coverage.

If this summary generates more questions than answers, contact your local Lafayette area independent agent at 1st American Insurance Agency. Our experienced professionals will answer your questions, while giving you the information you need protect your home from the Colorado winter weather.