Motorcycle Insurance

Buying an insurance policy to protect your motorcycle is a requirement in Colorado. Although the state laws set a minimum standard that you must follow, it is important to realize that motorcycle insurance is different from the insurance policies that are available for other motor vehicles.

Standards and Coverage Options

The state laws set a minimum standard that you must purchase before you take your motorcycle home. At 1st American Insurance Agency we can help you select a policy based on your goals, budget and personal concerns. Since the liability protection that is required by the state is very limited, it may not be enough to address your concerns or your goals. Furthermore, you may want to purchase additional protection in case you get into an accident and have injuries.

Selecting a Policy

After you have determined the amount of coverage that you want to purchase, an insurance agent can help you compare rates and options that are available. An agent is always accessible if you have questions or concerns about a policy. Furthermore, you can ask for advice if you feel that a particular policy is not appropriate for your needs or if you want to ensure that the protection is appropriate for the concerns that you want to address.

Only purchase a policy after you have determined that it is the best option for your needs and your goals. The goals that you set may differ from the state laws and you can always purchase more than the minimum standards if it does not address your concerns. To learn more about your options call us at 303-774-8810 to speak to an agent today.

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