Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Colorado

Whether you live in the mile-high city, a hillside cabin with a view of Pike's Peak, or on the Colorado plains, you know that there's no place in the world better to live and RV than in the Rocky Mountains. RV insurance costs can vary dramatically from company to company. Is your brand name insurance costing you more than it should? Contact 1st American today for a free comparison. Also the right coverage is paramount. These tips will help you make the right choice to protect your investment.

RV Insurance: The Basics

RV insurance is something of a cross between home and auto policies. It generally covers basic liability, much like your car insurance, but because RV's face a much wider set of risks than regular personal vehicles, coverage expands much wider, as well, to risks surrounding the specific systems of your RV. You should also consider whether you need to purchase extended liability insurance that protects visitors to your campsite when your RV is parked and comprehensive coverage that covers wind and weather damage, vandalism, and theft.

Total Replacement vs. Agreed Value Coverage

Working with one of our account executives at 1st American Insurance Agency is the best way to find out more about your options and receive the service you expect. When you're looking over your options with them they will help you choose the best protection for your situation and budget.

Finding the Best Deals

As with all types of insurance, the best way to find great deals on RV insurance is to shop around. At 1st American Insurance Agency we work with several different insurance companies and can get multiple quotes on their policies to help you get started.

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